Flammable Gas Detection Basics

An Introduction to Flammable Gas Detection. Ideal for those using flammable gases, designing and specifying gas detection systems. CPD Approved.

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This course is designed as a starter course for someone new to gas detection. The course takes you through:

- The legislation involved

- The Fire Triangle

- Explanation of LEL and flammability

- Ignition sources

- Safe areas and hazardous areas

Further courses can be added for toxic gas detection, Oxygen depletion and detector placement.

This course is freely available and also offers CPD points (2 points). 

Note that completion of this course is a requirement for those wishing to attend training at IGD's head office Academy.

Please note that you must be enrolled onto this course to be able to watch the course and gain your certificate. To do this please email Hal Collier at hal.collier@internationalgasdetectors.com 

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What's included?

4 Videos
4 Quizzes
Andrew Collier
Andrew Collier
Managing Director

About the instructor

Training is a central role at IGD. For client training both on-line and at our Training Academy located in Stockport this is mainly undertaken by our Managing Director, Andrew Collier.

Andrew has been Managing Director of IGD since 1996 and with a solid engineering background is the ideal choice of instructor.


What others have been saying about this course:

Jason Hageman

Excellent Course

Andrew is very knowledgeable and shares this information with clarity and easy to understand explanations. Recommend this course to anyone interested in the Gas Detection/H&S Industry.

Karyung Yea

Good Enough for Basic Information of Flammable Gas Detection

I occasionally fould this course and took it. It was very informative to understand basic for flammable gas detector. Explanation was easy and clear enough to understand. I stronly recommend this course if anyone is interested in detectors.

Ian Oultram

Excellent course.

This course covers the basics of gas detection and delivers it in an accessible, no-nonsense manner. Highly recommended!

Derrick Yang

Good introduction into flammable gas detection

Great Introductory knowledge on what gas detectors are trying to achieve.

Harish Arya

Flammable Gas Detection Basics

Dear Sir all information regarding Gas detector is very useful for us & in industries safety application. Thanks

Anup george

Basics of flammable gas detection - Beautifully created and presented to grab ideas and increase the depth of knowledge

Very Good and easy to understand even for the First time user's who has liitle or no knowledge in this field.

Shahram Vatanparast

Excellent Basic Course

Course structure was good, the graph that demonstrated the LEL and UEL definitions was unique ,i never seen like that before Shahram Vatanparast CFIOSH Petro Sanat Imen Avin

Pankaj Raithatha

Flammable Gas Detection Basics - Appropriate title.

Good balance between voice and reading text on slides. Engaging and informative.

Scott Dexter

Very informative and important to assist with understanding the basics of flammable gas detection.

I recommend this course for all engineers, surveyors and for persons who require to have an understanding for risk mitigation. Very clear to follow and easy to understand due to both the video and slide elements that present the supporting inform...

Ikechukwu Ogbekile

Am happy going through this course. It exposes me alot and remind me of Different between ATEX Zoe's. I was also reminded of the best use of different types of gas detectors

Applicable laws and regulations on use of gas and identification of various gasses in workplace. The importance of the use of gas detector both at home in at workplace. The explosive limit of various types of gas. The element of fire -Combus...

Andrew Swift

gas detection

very easy to follow and well explained

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